‘Wonder Woman’ brings message of hope and empowerment


It may have been a dark and rainy night, but the Finnegan Fieldhouse filled with excitement as students gathered on Sunday evening to watch the new, action-packed movie, “Wonder Woman.”

The movie night on Oct. 8 was sponsored by Exc!te, Women’s and Men’s Ministries. Dozens of students and families spread out on the gym floor with blankets and chairs. Members of the ministries had free popcorn popping, and the Fieldhouse became the university’s own little movie theater when the lights dimmed and the film began.

“Wonder Woman” is the latest film from DC Comics. It portrays the origin story of Diana, an Amazon warrior princess who sets out to end “the war to end all wars.” The title hero leaves her all-female clan and enters the world of men, a dangerous and patriarchal society ravaged by war, to kill Ares, the personification of violence.

On her journey, Diana confronts many of humankind’s shortcomings and has to sift through lies that fly at her like the bullets she deflects in order to get to the truth of humanity. The movie deals with themes of violence versus peace, good versus evil, fear versus bravery and justice versus forgiveness.

Students were attentive to the film’s positive messages. “I thought the movie was dope,” said sophomore Kristen Orlandi. “It was empowering for women, but it was empowering for everyone. The main character was a woman, but it was about humanity and love as a whole.”

Joe Wessel, sophomore, commented, “I found it to be entertaining, but it didn’t leave me with a lasting impression.” After listening to Orlandi’s thoughts on empowerment, he did smile and add, “I’m a male, and I approve (her) message.”

Sister Maria Pio Wiggins, director of Women’s Ministry, closed the night by thanking everyone for coming and repeating Wonder Woman’s powerful line from the end of the movie: “Love will save the world.”