Writing workshop encourages careers in art


“There’s nothing I’m more passionate about than young, Christian woman talking into a microphone,” professional poet said to the women at the writing and revision workshop at 7:30 p.m. on March 3 

Half a dozen people gathered to share their own poems and short stories, receive critical feedback and learn from poet Clare McCallan about art residencies and internships.

The writing workshop and revision kicked off with McCallan asking what kind of creative writing the students did and if they wanted to present anything. Two offered poems and two offered fiction stories.  

McCallan gave positive feedback, praising the meter, the emotion and the meanings of the poetry. She also asked questions about the stories, pressing the students to review their attempts at characterization.  

Once the poems were completed and constructive critique was given, McCallan offered the students several opportunities for art residencies in different cities around the United States, pro-life publishing opportunities and various art internships.  

Specifically, McCallan mentioned in detail the Sheen Center, a residency located in Manhattan, that will be accepting new applicants next year, and the Augustine Institute, which seeks filmmakers.  

McCallan strongly recommended young artists to consider furthering their careers through the residencies and internships, saying that it was good to try experiences like these before settling down with a family.  

“God’s putting things in your mind for a reason,” McCallan said, inviting the group to write out their feelings through poetry, which she said was a powerful form of catharsis.  

Christina Pughsenior, said, “I liked hearing the variety of things that people talked about. I especially liked learning more about the opportunities that Clare gave us … because I never knew about any of this sort of stuff.” 

Caroline Koneska, senior, said, “I just liked hearing people talk about poetry on campus at all, honestly.” 

McCallan concluded the evening with further encouragement to pursue the arts. “Poetry is not optional,” she said“It is deeply necessary to our society, to our faith.” 

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