Young women bond, sip, chill at wine and game night


Photo by: Layna Corbett

On April 4, the games were afoot in the Gentile Gallery as women of Franciscan University gathered for a night of wine, snacks and board games.

Hosted by Women’s Ministry, the wine and game night gave students the perfect break from studying and stress, and while attendance was lower than expected, the smaller numbers made for a quiet, calm atmosphere and intimate groups.

As students entered, they were greeted by warm smiles and soft music and had their pick of snacks and drinks — not just the advertised wine, but also tea, hot chocolate, soda, granola bars and chips.

Tables were set up around the Gallery, and attendees had a plethora of word, card and board games from which to choose: some strategic (Settlers of Cataan and Sequence), some silly (Balderdash and Apples to Apples), some nostalgic (Yahtzee and the Game of Life) and some lesser-known (Secret Hitler and Fact or Crap).

Throughout the evening, women mingled and switched tables, chatting with old friends and meeting new people, and students appreciated the chance to take a break from homework and hang out in such a pleasant environment.

“I had a lot of fun; I met new people,” said senior Debbie Roth. “(I’ve been just) playing games, drinking wine, getting to relax and just spend some good quality time with some lovely women.”

Junior Shelby Hawks, the Women’s Ministry lead, was pleased with the event and also enjoyed her time there: “I played Bananagrams with my friends, and it was really fun and chill; yeah, it was just a nice break from studying and homework.”

While the game night was far from the most boisterous or rowdy event of the semester, it certainly achieved its goal of bringing women closer together for a night of delightful conversation, fun games and good wine.